SCF might not natively show in MetaMask. You need to add SCF as a custom token for it to be displayed in MetaMask.

Follow our step-by-step guide to adding SCF tokens to MetaMask:

Open the MetaMask extension

Step 1: At the top select ‘Matic Mainnet’ from the Networks dropdown. At the bottom select ‘Import Token’



We will be running an Airdrop campaign to incentivize all the initial community members and protocol users. We will be awarding free Airdrops tokens to all who complete the below tasks.

The goal of this event is to encourage more new members to join the community and incentivize the current members.

Event Ends: 23:59, 10 April (UTC +8)

Reward Task $SCF Airdrop:

  1. Join the SCF Telegram community. (300 $SCF)
  2. Refer A Friend to join the Telegram community. (300 $SCF)
  3. Stay Active in the Telegram community. (500 $SCF)
  4. Use Stable Coin Factory Protocol. (5000 $SCF)

After Completing the tasks please comment on this medium post and we will send you tokens within 24 hours.

Stay tuned for the upcoming airdrop and giveaway events.

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