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Stable Coin Factory
1 min readMar 25, 2022

Stable Coin Factory listing Announcement.

For the last few months, we were focused on creating a protocol that rewards users without losing TVL. Well, now we can proudly say that our project is live and running on the Polygon chain.

We are also happy to announce that our Dapp is now listed on DappRadar. Further, it will be listed on big platforms in the future.

What is DAPP Radar?
DappRadar provides a global app store for decentralized applications. The platform enables users to track, analyze, and discover decentralized applications. It tracks over 3,000 DApps across 10+ blockchains.

Why it's important?
DappRadar will put us in front of 10k active users, to explore and play with our DAPP, the feedback from these users will improve the protocol further, enabling us to optimize our formula.

Smart Contract Listed :
$SCF Token : 0x7075f7B8D36998c4429Fc43d20ce41f2a3C7EF9a
SCF Protocol : 0xF80a7ec392563A141BECfa6Ea108c3fE79619271

Listing Link :

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